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Friday Warm-up, 2017


There is a Warm-up on the Friday evening: £5 Registration, £10 entry (100% return). At the UK Finals in November the Top 16 players (members only) in the listing will playoff for prize money of £340 on the Friday evening. If any of the qualifying players don't attend they will be replced with 17th and below until a full 16 draw is complete.

Each Friday night is a stand-alone event and everyone is welcome to enter subject to the appropriate fees. .

NB: Each event also awards GP points which are extra to the Saturday/Sunday awards.


Position Warm-up GP
1st 20.60 20.21
2nd 16.50 15.25
3&4 12.40 10.24
5 to 8 9.30 7.25
9 to 16 7.20 6.50
17 to 32 4.10 5.50
All others 3.27 5.50


The whole idea of the Warm-up is to encourage Friday night attendance so to this end any scores of equal value will be sorted in an AP (Attendance Point) order (as already used in the BBT listing). All players get 3.27 points for entering. This sum is then increased according to position.


Please remember, each knockout starts at 21.00 prompt!
Late entrants are liable to be denied entry.





The Final Play-offs November 2017

A few of the Top 16 Qualifiers didn't turn out which meant players lower than 16th were able to enter (as I've said before, it's a good idea to attend just in case others fail to). In the semi-final I (Michael Crane) got the better of my regular doubles partner, Richard Biddle (last year's winner); and Brian Lever saw off Crispin Duke in his semi-final.

Both Brian and I were looking to be the first to win it twice .... and Brian prevailed. I'll have another go next year.


Brian Lever - 2017 Warm-up Champion


Previous Winners
2007 Rosey Bensley
2008 David Nathan
2009 Tom Duggan
2010 Brian Lever
2011 Michael Crane
2012 Paul Christmas
2013 Mick Vacarey
2014 Eric McAlpine
2015 Mardi Ohannessian
2016 Richard Biddle
2017 Brian Lever